We want to keep Replacement Window pricing simple.

Each window is $179.00 installed.

1. Includes all labor and materials.

2. Slocomb (Better Housekeeping Seal) Replacement Double Hung Windows.

3. Up to 103 united inches. United inches is the width of the window, plus the height of the window.

As an example, a window that is 30 inches wide and 60 inches tall would be 90 united inches. The largest window at this price would be 72" x 31".

4. Each window includes Argon filled Free Low E glass.

5. We also include a lifetime warranty on any moving parts or vinyl parts. Free glass replacement if glass should break for any reason. We won't charge a service fee for coming out to replace any broken parts either. Find someone else willing to make that promise!

of these windows have been installed in Butler, PA.