Siding Refinishing

Here's one of our recent ads:

*Our 1 color 10-year warranty package:

For $1.15/Square Foot we include pressure washing, masking, prep, recaulking and 2 coats of paint sprayed on for a factory fresh-looking finish with a 10-year warranty. This is our standard package for siding refinishing.

*Our 1 color lifetime warranty package:

For $1.25/Square Foot, we include everything in the standard package, with the addition of 1 coat of primer and a lifetime warranty.

Here are some common questions our customers ask us:


Q: Once you paint our siding, will I need to repaint often or due to chipping or peeling?

A: No, our refinishing process will not peel or chip, and repainting won't be necessary for at least the life of the warranty.

Q: Will overspray go on to or damage neighboring property?

A: No, our refinishing process breaks the paint up into small particles, which travel 6 to 8 feet before drying and will not reach or damage neighboring property.